During these months of staying at home in self-isolation, it is easy to feel a little sluggish and find yourself eating more than usual. If you have found yourself putting on a few extra kilos, remember you are not alone and there are simple changes you can make to help. 

I strongly encourage you to keep moving your body and to nourish it with the right foods during this time, not only for your physical health but also for your mental health and wellbeing. 

If you would like to lose weight sustainably but you don’t know where to begin, or you are trying and not seeing any results, contact me about getting your personally designed ‘Eat Right Plan’ which I tailor specifically for your body and your blood chemistry.

We all know that some people appear to eat as much as they like of anything they like without gaining weight, whilst others continuously struggle with diet and exercise and yet are unable to be slim. Just as different cars perform better on different fuels, different people also perform better with different foods. If you’re putting the wrong food into your system, you are going to run sluggishly and glug up your system. 

With the EAT RIGHT PLAN, you can rev-up your diet with the correct fuels for your system. No longer struggle with diet and exercise - this will never be successful if you are consuming the wrong foods! And now, I can scientifically determine the best foods specifically for you! Not only will you feel better, but you will also reduce the risk of disease. 

The EAT RIGHT PLAN is based on natural, fresh foods. You don't need to buy prepared meals, pills, or potions - just good-quality groceries. It’s really one of the easiest methods and completely safe. You don’t get hungry because you're allowed to eat as much as you want and snack as often as you like. 

Social eating is no problem either. Eating out is easy when you know which dishes are best for you. And, you don't need to follow the diet 100% of the time: 75%-80% compliance works for most people. So you can have "forbidden" foods now and then. This makes it possible to still enjoy family gatherings and dinner parties. 

Genuine weight loss and genuine, lasting health come from the way your body interacts with the food you consume. Foods contain powerful proteins called lectins. Here’s the key: These food lectins become important to you when they interact with your blood antigens. How your body interacts with these lectins determines whether those foods cause inflammation, digestive problems, bloating, water retention, or weight gain. 

This is more than simple “food intolerance.” At first, you may experience a lectin interaction as only a mild digestive problem, or a dull, listless feeling after eating foods not right for you. Over time, the result is a steadily deteriorating state of health, loss of energy, and weight gain. 

The good news is, simply by replacing the key weight-gaining foods with ones suitable for your blood type, you begin to experience the benefits of a leaner, cleaner, more energetic body. 

Thus, there's no counting of calories or grams of fat. Instead, the EAT RIGHT PLAN emphasizes eating the correct foods for your specific chemistry. “Your journey to optimum health starts here”.

About Claudia Calisto 
My mission is to help others improve their health & well-being through proper eating. 
I have a passion for food and health, so it is only natural for me to combine these to help others improve their well-being. As a mother, I became concerned with my own family’s nutrition & health and this motivated me to study and gain my Diploma of Nutrition from the Australasian College of Natural Therapies. Now I want to help others with what I have learned, by specialising in the area of Nutrition and Weightloss.

Contact me today so I can create an Eat Right Plan specifically tailored to you!