Before meeting Claudia I had inflammation issues in my body from past injuries and was waking up tired in the mornings. Since visiting Claudia and following her diet and life plans my life has changed. I no longer bare the physical aches and pains and wake up every morning with immense energy. Her teachings have become my new way of life and lessons i have kept. I am grateful to have met Claudia and to have been treated by her. I would recommend her to anyone!

Thank you Claudia *

Ron , January 2020

Dear Claudia,

Before I met you I would wake up in the morning and think "How am I going to get through the day ?" I was in so much pain and discomfort. Now I awake and rejoice in the day thinking "What can I get up to today?" the answer is always more than yesterday. I now look forward to tomorrow and am confident i will do better as each day passes. Thank you *

Natalie Popple, (KAREELA) , November 2015

Since seeing Jan my body's range of movement has increased tenfold. I have had lifelong back problems since my childhood, Jan has helped me to engage muscles that i was just not aware of because of those injuries. You've tried many therapies I'm sure but until you have had a massage from Jan you will not know how well your body can move. Enjoy *

Natalie , December 2012

Before meeting with Claudia over a year ago I was not in a good space emotionally, physically and mentally and basically this affected my health. I was also overweight and had tried for years to shift the weight without success. So when my husband kept suggesting I meet Claudia I was not keen at all as I had tried almost every weight loss program out there, he was insistent and I said "What's different about her?".

On first meeting Claudia I was extremely negative, and had all the barriers up, surprisingly she knew and wasn't afraid to let me know and I liked that about her. Anyway once I got over myself, I found her to be extremely knowledgeable, focused and more importantly kind and loving which is a rare quality in this industry. Claudia put an eat right plan in place for me and I started to feel good and I lost a couple of kilos in the first week, I was so excited.

Along my journey I have learnt so much about making the right food choices and the recipes provided are amazing. I found being able to eat as much of the right foods as you like and still lose weight was huge for me. My goal was to lose 15 kilos, I achieved that in about 6 months, but more importantly I have kept the weight off. Everyday I am grateful to Claudia for not giving up on me when I gave her attitude and for turning my life around in so many positive ways. Not only is Claudia our Nutritionist, she is a friend, who we admire and respect for her tenacity, courage and strength and for what she has achieved in such a short time, "The Clinic" is testament to this.

Thank you Claudia.... You Are Simply the Best!!!! *

Tina Brownlee , November 2012

Have you ever had a massage where you felt the masseur was simply going through the motions; that their mind wasn't focused on you and your body but instead was a million miles away? A massage with Jan is the exact opposite of such an experience. It's very special and rewarding to be the recipient of a massage where you are the single focus of undivided attention. Jan has a unique capability to be able to tune into muscle groups that require his consideration because he is fully 'present' and engaged for the entire duration. As a result, his massages are more effective more quickly. And the experience leaves one feeling refreshed and 'in the zone'. I'm very happy to recommend Jan's exceptional talents and skills. *

Lorri Lennon, Mosman , November 2012

I’m a full time tennis coach, and taking care of my body on a day to day basis is very important to me; I really like going to see Jan because he gets me in tip top shape, he’s a great service, and really knows where to pinpoint my exact problems. Just by telling him exactly where it hurts and where it doesn’t hurt, he gets stuck into the areas that I need, and gets my body just the way I need it. Thanks so much! *

Michael Raymundo, Randwick , October 2012

Most of my life I have suffered from IBS and especially constipation and bloating. These health issues had gradually been getting worse over the years and all the doctors could say was to eat more fibre and bran. Eating fibre and bran wasn’t working and in the last couple of years I had also put on a lot of weight.

I was really starting to feel depressed and finally, one day after a particularly bad day, I decided to call Claudia whom I have known for about 25 years and make an appointment to see her.

My first appointment with Claudia was in October 2011 and that was the start of my journey to a healthier life style. I only fully recognised how my health issues were affecting me mentally and emotionally when I realised I became emotional after Claudia said she could treat and cure my symptoms.

Within a couple of weeks I noticed the benefits of Claudia’s treatment and healthy eating plan. I was feeling a lot healthier on the inside, the bloated feeling and constipation had vanished and I had a lot more energy, and the bonus was losing weight. In about 6 months I lost 12 kilos. I have never felt so good!

Claudia taught me to prepare healthy and nutritious meals and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. I found was not only eating more but also losing weight. I was eating the right foods for my body and this reflected in my wellbeing and weight loss.

Claudia has just launched her first recipe book “Love Food”. This book supports and encourages the concept that good healthy food is your best friend. Recipes are simple to prepare, delicious and nutritious and my whole family loves the food I now cook.

Thank you Claudia for giving me back my health and my life! My only regret is that I didn’t come to see you sooner.

Congratulations on the launch of your first recipe book “Love Food” and look forward to the second one! *

Emilia da Ponte (Quakers Hill) , August 2012

I was recommended by Claudia Calisto to see Jan for a massage programme as part of an ongoing recovery from a back operation. I can say without a doubt that Jan's massage has played a large part in my continued recovery. His technique and professional approach is outstanding. He takes the time to ask which areas I would like him to work on. He is very focused and his intuitive sense for finding the exact problem areas is a great skill. He has a great respect for other treatments and therapies and I think this is an essential, but often lacking, part of providing an overall recovery programme. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jan to any prospective clients. *

David, Bellevue Hill , July 2012

When I first met Claudia in 2007 my back was in pain, my muscles were constantly sore and my face was covered with acne. Claudia has since mentored me in nutrition while becoming a very dear friend. Through Claudia’s knowledge, delicious recipes and encouragement my skin is now soft and clear, my muscles are more susceptible to the demands of being a professional dancer and my body feels lighter and more energized. Claudia’s passion and presence in my life has enabled me to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle which facilitates a happier, healthier me! *

Ellie S, Professional Dancer , March 2012

I have been a client of Claudia's since January 2011.

From the outset, Claudia has always been clear on not only setting goals, but to help in seeing them through. Claudia took the time to get to know me as a person and to truly listen to my needs before starting my wellness journey.

Together, we have made a plan that is tailored to my lifestyle, is realistic and have achieved each goal we've set. By following her nutrition plan, and advice, I have gone from 97kgs, down to 85kgs, and lost over 15 cm from my waist. When I stick to the plan, my energy levels soar, and my body looks and feels incredible. My skin and eyes are clear. I sleep soundly, and wake full of life, ready greet each day.

On reaching a plateau during my program, Claudia introduced me to Ionitherme, and I was amazed at the immediate result I saw after my first treatment. My love handles had shrunk, and my stomach looked and felt flatter and firmer. Ionitherme is a great way kick-start my program again after holidays, or when I've gone through a particularly busy social season, and re-starts the detox process. I highly recommend it as part of any wellness plan.

Claudia and her philosophies have become an integral part of my life, and not only is she an amazing role model and sounding-board for all things health-related, she is a true friend and confidante.

Thank you Claudia for everything you've done for me and countless others. You rock! *

Mark Traves (Rosebery , February 2012

My journey started 5 years ago when I became very sick due to an overuse of antibiotic’s due to a viral bug I picked up whilst overseas in Singapore. I was later diagnosed through blood tests with having "Intestinal Candida". Over time my condition deteriorated, the medical establishment (doctors etc) were hopeless and unable to offer me any real or meaningful solutions. Fortunately through good friends of mine I was introduced to Claudia mid last year in 2011 who was empathic to my situation as she had suffered from this condition herself many years earlier. By the time I met Claudia I was very sick and battled daily with the symptoms of extreme fatigue, low energy, poor sleep, acid reflux and unable to think clearly which was impacting my work and daily life.

With some simple dietary modifications and following Claudia's treatment plan I was able to get back on my feet again and started to notice a real difference within the 1st 2 months. I have continued to make good progress to this day and cannot thank Claudia enough for the difference she has made in my life. *

Damian , January 2012

* Results will vary from person to person and we cannot guarantee specific results for an individual.